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Dec 19, 2011 4:01am PST
actually two questions. one is i had the experience of staying in atlanta, georgia, for several years, and one of the things i saw was the prosperity and how they actually really took care of business. is there any way to kind of model that system or progress that was made in atlanta and kind of import it into the black communities that we see here today that struggle economically? i think that that would be something to take a look at. and also, how or what would you suggest to shed light on the lynching that still continues in the south in counties like forsyth? >> i do not know about different cities. different cities have different demographics. in atlanta, -- i speak about atlanta because that is where my son lives, in atlanta, georgia. in atlanta, you have the african-americans who go away and they come back. they are educated, and they are more goal-oriented. they are more goal-oriented, and therefore, if you teach the children to reach for the sky, and they will study hard. most people from atlanta are a little more conservative. >> do you have something you would like to add
Dec 3, 2011 9:00am PST
a whole lot of people outside herman cain's what is believed to be headquarters in atlanta. you can see a lot of folks lining up there. expectation is herman cain will be emerging at some point as t.j. is trying to leave the room, but we're having a conversation here, aren't we? >> i'm sorry. we're still talking. >> he may make an announcement. we know an announcement will be made. we're not clear what announcement is. we'll continue in for this race to the white house, whether i'm dropping out, suspending. >> no way. fredricka, there is no way have you a grand opening and grand closing on the same day. >> i think that's a great point you're making. >> you can't gather donors, supporters, people together and say thanks for being here, i'm done. curious to see what he will say. he will not say that. >> he's a tenacious individual. he might say i'm in it to win it. >> i'll be watching. >> we've got team coverage like you've had all morning long shannon travis, everyone is position right there to help us understand and sort out all that we're about to hear, what we will hear ultimately and
Dec 2, 2011 2:00am PST
>>> honey, i'm home! herman cain heading back to atlanta to see his wife for the first time since another woman accused him of a 13-year affair, and his campaign could hang in the balance. >>> an american missing in pakistan and al qaeda's most senior leader claims they have him. this is your "am wake-up call." good morning, everyone. this is your "am wake-up call" for friday, december 2nd. from the time warner center in new york, i'm christine romans. carol has the morning off this morning. here are the morning's top stories for you. >>> herman cain heading home to atlanta today, and he says the decision about whether to continue his campaign could come by monday at the latest. it's a decision that could be in his wife's hands after another woman accused cain of having a 13-year affair. >>> with a $1,000 tax hike looming, congress can't get it done. the senate defeating competing payroll tax cut bills, one from republicans and one backed by the president. president obama warning that failure could deal a "massive blow to the economy." >>> and the west coast blown away. the santa
Dec 3, 2011 10:00am PST
was to be a day when herman cain opened his atlanta headquarters. three or four weeks ago this man was flying high at the polls then came a series of revelations, all of which he announced to be untrue at some level. it has taken its toll in the polls and fund-raising. herman cain has been home with his wife now for at least 24 hours discussing the situation. i am joined today by my colleagues, senior correspondent joe johns and also with our shannon travis down covering atlanta -- what will be atlanta headquarters for herman cain of the problem is you and i have been talking to sources for the last couple of hours. well, he's leaning towards leaving. we're pretty sure he's going to leave. you get the same thing and you can't trust them. >> no, you can't. one source i talked to a little while ago said this is a man who holds his own council. he may have people around him telling him things. those people may come away with some impression of what he's going to do or something he said. but that was what herman cain thought at that moment. they report whatever they think as a truth to us. it turns ar
FOX News
Dec 3, 2011 10:00am PST
a major announcement from his new campaign headquarters in atlanta. hello, everyone, i'm kelly wright and welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> and i'm patti ann browne. the about suspense is building in atlanta this hour. herman cain is expected to announce whether he's dropping out of the race or staying in it to win the republican nomination is. >> kelly: his campaign is reeling from sex scandals, allegations he had a 13-year affair starting while he was president of the national restaurant association, but right now, it's all about blues, barbecue and that big announcement that people are anticipating. our john roberts is live in atlanta, georgia where herman cain just arrived. john, it's quite a day down there. >> and it certainly is, kelly. it's a festive atmosphere, almost one of celebration. they have h they've updated the blues and health care is expected to come out after a meeting with military veterans whether or not he's going to continue his campaign. we after the last few days he's been consulting with a number of people and his financial donors
Dec 2, 2011 5:30pm EST
, herm hrm has been in the spotlight since an atlanta woman named ginger white went public about a 13-year affair. what do we know tonight? >> reporter: herman cain arrived gee earlier. we know he will be meeting face to faceÑi with his wifeñrÑi sins latest allegation. theybill come up withçó a decision. we haveq also heard fromi5 cainxdq that heÑi willçóñr maket announcement tomorrow in atlanta. >> i am thrilled that you are here. >> reporter: after a day of campaigning, cain said he will reveal the future of his presidential run. today he offered a timeline. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement. we will be opening our headquarters in northwest georgia where we will also clarify -- there's that word again -- clarify exactly what the next steps are. >> reporter: allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior have hurt cain's popular ti. in iowa he's at 8%. last month he was at 23. >>> it's also been revealed that herman cain said his wife didn't they about his friendship with ginger white or the fact he was providing financial assistance to her. >> my wife
Dec 22, 2011 4:30am PST
, 19 denver, warm southeast to d.c., 71 new orleans, 71 atlanta, 61 in d.c.. mid 40s around seattle and portland. all that warm weather in the southeast means severe weather is possible. right now no delays you can see that wall of water heading from memphis towards atlanta, snow in denver maybe delays connecting through dia. check out our flight tracker any time at the bottom. >>> 4:47. president obama is turning up the pressure on house republicans to approve a payroll tax cut extension before it expires on new year's day the president will hold a town hall-like event today with people representing the 160 million who will bear the brunt of the tax hike. it will cost a family making $50,000 a year, $40 per check. the senate passed a two month extension expecting it to lead to a one year deal. republicans in the house rejected the temporary extension. they are holding out for a one year tax break extension. >> if there is no deal, 1.1 million californians will lose their extended unemployment insurance. the measure including a rider financing those benefits. warning no
Dec 3, 2011 5:30pm PST
candidate told supporters in atlanta today that unproved accusations of office sexual harassment and an extramarital affair have exacted a painful price on his family. as recently as this summer, cain was considered a real long shot, only to suddenly surge to near the front of the pack. a change in status that left him open to some harsh scrutiny. and tonight as he throws in the towel, suspending his campaign, cain remains steadfast in his denial of the allegations that have derailed his dream. our coverage begins with nbc's peter alexander outside the cain headquarters in atlanta. peter? >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. today's announcement had a lot of the same political fever that has defined herman cain's unconventional campaign. there was barbecue served, music played, and cain even quoted the animated movie "pokemon". up until the last minute, cain's closest advisers were still in the dark about what decision he would make. it was supposed to be a new beginning, the grand opening of herman cain's georgia state headquarters. but when cain and his wife of 43 years gl
Dec 25, 2011 11:00pm EST
-out. >> matt ryan and atlanta have the division crown in sight. falcons and saints tomorrow at 8:30. the fantasy season is not over. that's the atrium, part of the renovation at lambeau field. rented out for weddings and parties, all kinds of stuff there. >> meanwhile, back to punt. takes a shot at that block. >> nobody is back there. 4:30 to go in the fourth quarter. rodgers over the last three seasons. this season is just over the moon for him tonight. punctuation mark with five touchdowns, no picks, 21 of 29 for 283. >> cris: peyton manning has the all-time q.b. rating number, about 121-point-something. and right now if the season ends today, aaron rodgers would break that record. >> al: so mab he won't play next week. >> cris: maybe not. >> referee: offense, ten-yard penalty. first down. >> al: j'marcus webb. >> cris: of course, tonight assures the green bay packers, somebody is going to stop them from going back to the super bowl and defend their title, they're going to have to beat them here. they are locking in the number one seed throughout the playoffs
Dec 3, 2011 7:00am PST
in atlanta, georgia. we are expecting him to have a huge unveiling, but at the same time, we're also expecting him to make a huge announcement about the future of his campaign. this comes, of course, after he had his first face-to-face meeting with his wife last night. it was the first since the apgz allegations came up of a 13-year affair. the other live event we're keeping an eye on, you saw on the right side of your screen just a moment ago, romney just having a rally in new hampshire. but he's also expected to answer reporters' questions. we're expecting that at any minute now and we will take you back there live. but a lot going on on the political front. a lot going on all over the country and the world. we'll bring it all to you from the cnn center in atlanta. this is your cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. we want to head back out to our shannon traffic advice standing by at the campaign headquarters at this event for the opening of this campaign headquarters. spoe supposed to start here in under an hour from now. we've been talking about in this morning. is there any way
Dec 5, 2011 2:00am PST
in january. he's taking some time off. atlanta megachurch pastor eddie long made that announcement yesterday. he says he needs time to work on family issues. long's wife of 21 years vanessa filed for divorce on thursday. last spring long settled a lawsuit piled by four young men who accused him of sexual coercion. >>> the u.s. and pakistan mending diplomatic fences after that nato air strike that killed two dozen pakistani troops. president obama called pakistan's president yesterday making clear the incident was not a deliberate attack on pakistan. both presidents agreed to stay in touch. >>> let's get a quick check of today's weather. rob marciano is in atlanta. good morning, rob. >> cold weatherout west in between a bit of a mess and that's going to cause flooding issues. here's a look at the map. what you can expect monday. it pours in from canada, the cold air and there's your frontal boundary. a slow mover. here's how the rain shakes out. bull's-eye for potentially heavy flood threatening weather will be across the mid-mississippi valley. memphis will be the center of attention with se
Dec 25, 2011 4:00am PST
in the southeast. so we're going to see rain working its way into alabama and into atlanta even. back out to the west, it's cold enough for snow to pop up into texas. but as we look at the southeast where we're watching for the thunderstorm activity, you see to jackson, mississippi, working to new orleans, the panhandle of florida also facing the threat for severe weather, and there's atlanta just getting some light rain right now. further off to the south and west of the city. overall we are going to see that change to a heavier rain. unfortunately, a wet christmas for atlanta rather than a white one. we've actually had snow here on christmas in the past. let's take a look at travel delays for those of you that are heading somewhere for this christmas. atlanta, light rain. new york areas, nice, but wind could cause a slowdown or two. philadelphia, windy weather. chicago, winds. and also in minneapolis. overall what's really nice to see is that these -- most of these delays are under an hour. we will be seeing pretty good conditions. the breezy weather across the great lakes and as that c
FOX News
Dec 3, 2011 11:00am PST
.o.p. nomination to be president of the united states. and making that announcement, ironically, in atlanta, that was to be the official opening of his campaign headquarters. cain saying false accusations have sidetracked my ability to present solutions to the american people. i've made mistakes, we all have, but these false allegations have had a tremulously painful price on my family and have created a cloud of doubt over me and over this campaign and my family. let's listen to more of his statement just moments ago. >> so as of today with a lot of prayer and soul searching, i am suspending my presidential campaign. i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we're not fighters. not because i'm not a fighter. >> and cain went on to say that he is moving in a new direction starting up a new organization as he calls it, called cain in which he still plans to promote what he describes as the biggest transfer of power out of washington d.c. and back to the people since the nation began
Dec 22, 2011 4:00am PST
, causing flooding from new orleans to atlanta. that same system moves up into the mid-atlantic, slowing things down in travel hubs from atlanta to boston. farther north, falling temperatures mean icy roads and traffic grinding to a halt. >> i've been a bus driver 25 years. and this morning was probably one of the worst i've seen. >> reporter: so, the bottom line, if you're traveling today or tomorrow, brace yourself. airport delays are expected up and down the east coast. and that could have a ripple effect for the rest of the country. rob and sunny? >> paul, for some, it's the million-dollar question this weekend. what's the travel situation going to look like? >> reporter: well, if you can push back your delay until saturday, if you're traveling until saturday, that may be the way to go. by then, that snow in the rockies should be cleared out. and the rain on the east coast should finish by midday tomorrow. >> all right. some good advice. we'll see how it works out. fingers crossed everybody, hitting the roads and skies. abc's paul beban in new york. thanks, paul. >>> time to look at
Dec 3, 2011 3:00am PST
by in atlanta to hear it. he is in atlanta today for the planned opening of his georgia campaign headquarters, but instead a lot of people are speculating that he could drop out of the race. as you know this week a georgia woman had said she'd had a 13-year affair with cain. he denied it. much more on this coming your way. >>> also country music sin ner mccready and her son were finally found in a closet in arkansas. mccready took off with her 5-year-old boy. her mother and stepfather actually have custody of the young man. mccready actually only has visitation rights. police plan to send the boy back to his grandparents in florida. >>> dr. conrad murray plans to appeal his conviction. he was sentenced to four years in prison for his part in the death of michael jackson. last month he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >>> also, let me quote here, just get to the damn table, end quote. those are the tough words coming from the defense secretary leon panetta. he's talking about the prospects for middle east peace. take a look. >> the problem is we can't get them to the damn table to
Dec 4, 2011 2:00pm PST
, not even 200 will remain. cnn's catherine callaway is at atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport. >> reporter: a plane just landed here at the atlanta international airport. it was full of troops from afghanistan who were headed home for a couple of weeks of r and r, but it was also full of troops from iraq who are heading home for good. and we talked with a few of them. here is what they had to say. how do you all feel about not having to go back to iraq? i know it is a difficult deployment, you're all smiling, but what are your thoughts about that? >> it was nice just to see trees and grass and when we were landing and this is little things you miss the most, plumbing. >> plumbing, did you say plumbing? >> yes. it will be nice to be able to take a shower in the house instead of walking outside to go take a shower. >> reporter: and i know you missed your families. you talked about your children. >> my children. constantly staying in touch with them, we had free internet and phone service. and mostly you appreciate the little stuff at home, the freedom, able to walk down the stor
Dec 3, 2011 5:00am PST
." >>> good morning, everybody. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn saturday morning, 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. it is 5:00 a.m. out west, wherever you may be, glad you're right here with me, tj holmes. coming up, we are headed live to the new atlanta campaign headquarters of republican presidential candidate herman cain. expected to open a new headquarters today, but some are speculating it might have to close today, as well. we'll explain. >>> also, a revealing and extensive interview this morning with the former penn state football assistant coach accused of molesting dozens of children. jerry sandusky. you'll hear him in his own words explain his relationship and his, quote, attraction to young boys. >>> also this morning, a story maybe you wouldn't think is coming your way from 2011. an interracial couple told they are not welcome at a church in kentucky. >>> we are just a few hours away from a major announcement from herman cain. here's how he explained what this will all be about. this was him talking yesterday. >> i will be making an announcement, but nobody is
Dec 4, 2011 11:30am PST
pastor at the center of a sex scandal involving young men is taking some time off. atlanta based bishop eddie long made the announcement before his congregation this morning. this comes just days after his wife filed for divorce. >> we're not hiding nothing or anything like that. i'm going to take a little time off to work with my family. [ applause ] earlier in the week there was some confusion over whether the divorce was on or off. friday, eddie long's church issued a statement saying his wife vanessa long was withdrawing the divorce petition but her attorney insists the divorce is still on. the atlanta-based pastor gained national attention last winter after four young men alleged the pastor had sex with them. the suit was settled this past summer. the men claimed long had pressured them into having sex with him when they were still teenagers. >>> anti-government protesters in syria are getting help from the u.s. government in getting their voices heard. details on that, next. >>> and what do you think were the top stories of the year? we'll look at the leading picks coming up. [ ad
Dec 3, 2011 4:05pm EST
." republican presidential candidate herman cain was joined by his wife outside his headquarters in atlanta where he announced he is suspending his campaign. this follows allegations by ginger white who said he had a consensual, 13-year and extramarital affair with her. ♪ newsave got some we are taking names i am america one voice, united we stand i am america one hope to heal our land there is work that must be done i will not rest until we have onwon i.m. america -- i am america is there no end to your own hypocrisy? you are only interested in political gain you play your games you stuff your pockets i have a feeling that the tide is turning i am america one voice, united we stand ♪ one hope to heal our land i will not give up on this fight i am america ♪ [cheers and applause] >> you all are great. thank you, thank you, thank you. too.e ya'll, >>> [chanting] >> let me first say that as usual, the cain supporters are not warm-weather supporters. all of youank enough for all you have done, how far we have come, the things we have done. the things that we have been able to achieve. you
Dec 31, 2011 1:35am PST
and gentlemen, we have just heard that the french have invaded america. they got as far as atlanta. geoff and i are going to hawaii. good luck. you're on your own. ♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >>> bay area students busted with pot come home from their ski trip. we were there when the buses rolled in and so were their parents. >>> an emotional day in iowa. the conversation that brought newt gingrich to tears. >> who would steal an animal from the zoo? the evidence somebody swiped the infamous banana sam in the middle of the night and how much the reward is tonight. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we begin tonight with breaking news. a five-year-old boy has been shot in oakland. >> happened at international and 55t
Dec 12, 2011 4:30am PST
in a logical, decisive way. elaine brown i heard say a little while ago that she lived in atlanta, and we always talk about how great atlantic is doing, but we do not own nothing in atlanta. they look like they are doing good, they have the cosmetic liberation, right? cosmetic change, cosmetic liberation, but when you look at who owns most of the city, right? who is in control of the power in the city? it may be marginally better for black votes in some other places, but there are still fundamental issues with the school system. look at the endowment of emory compared to some of the black universities and colleges in atlanta. entrepreneurship is a big part of it. i did not understand and nobody told me what is involved with buying your own home until i was in my second law school, where is the my counterparts, the white students i was in class with, they had had that information coming up. it was just second nature. i asked the guy across the hall from me what his folks did. but told him my mom was a nurse and my dad was a teacher, a soldier before. he said his father was the deputy prime
Dec 2, 2011 11:00pm EST
presidential hopeful herman cain is back in atlanta for the first time since and adultery allegation. he is also telling the media tomorrow he will make a decision about the future of his campaign. he arrived at his home this afternoon to talk to his wife gloria, his wife of 42 years. this is their first face-to-face meeting after a woman came forward this week in clancy -- she had a 30-year affair with a cane. he did not say if he would drop out of the race for the gop nomination. >> tomorrow in atlanta i will be making an announcement. nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. >> his announcement saturday will be made an atlanta at the grand opening of what will be his door to a campaign headquarters. he also said he needs to consider what he would do with the campaign donations he has collected if he drops out of the race. today members are showing the biggest monthly decline in jobless rate since january. that makes five months that there grow the economy has generated 100,000 jobs or more. a word of warning, the decline is due in part to more than 300,000 people who have q
Dec 16, 2011 4:30am EST
from the southeast into mid-atlantic so areas such as virginia, north carolina, atlanta down through tennessee, you will see some showers today and periods of light rain. everyone else is pretty much dry and nice, too, in the middle of the country with highs in the 40s. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. areas like new york city will watch temperature dropping during the day and also be a very windy day from boston northwards up through new england. wind advisories have been issued for gusts up to 45 miles per hour. we'll also be watching warm conditions in louisiana. of course, the weekend forecast coming up. >> our favorite one. bill, thank you so much. >>> coming up, unemployment dives, stocks rise. and just what the heck happened on quadruple witching day? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> his first official foray into prime time television is already creating excitement and criticism. >>> coming up, the falcons soar and the new jersey nets owner wants to run the largest country in the world.
Dec 26, 2011 6:00am EST
, some spent the day saying goodbye to love one's. a group of soldiers shipped out of atlanta. volunteers turned out to atlanta's airport to give the servicemen and women a grand sendoff. the troops say returning to the war effort is part of what they signed up to do. >> it is my job. my family is supportive. let's go and finish the job. >> volunteers send the troops on a hot meal and aa heightenay visit from santa. some spent the day putting this together -- putting a gigifts tg ether. any donated and made scarves. the care packages will be given to a local shelter and soup kitchen. prosecutors say a woman of baltimore used fraudulent funds to pay her credit card bills and taxes. she is reported to a taken more the past0,00 ove five years. >> one man is dead after a weekend shooting. police responded to giles road on saturday night and found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he later died. no word on a possible suspect or motive. a house fire in northeast baltimore on sunday night. crews were called to in the morgan park. just after 6:30. the house was fully engulfed in flame
Dec 4, 2011 3:00pm PST
appreciate that in suburban atlanta, one of the biggest mega church pastors in the country will be without its leader for a froo while. bishop eddie long says he is taking time off from the pulpit to attend to his family. his wife filed for divorce three days ago. it cites a bone fied status separation, a marriager retrievably broken and no help of reconciliation. a statement said sh she changed her mind about the divorce. but her attorney disavowed that statement. >> we are not hiding nothing or anything like that. i'm going to take a little time off to work with my family. >> reporter: so the church says long is not quitting. long's problems began last year when four young men accuse him of coercive sexual relationships. the pastor denied the allegations but quietly settled the lawsuit out of court. >>> much more on the next hour. john blake, who writes about religion for will be our guest. you don't want to miss that conversation. >>> it is a great scene anytime of the year, but during the holiday it is even sweeter. u.s. servicemen and women arriving home from iraq. we will tak
Dec 1, 2011 2:00am PST
honoring u.s. soldiers who are leaving after more than eight years of war. >>> let's head to atlanta now for a check of today's weather. rob marciano is here. good morning, rob. >> good morning, carol. things at least on the eastern half of the country trying to get back to normal with colder air moving into the northeast as it has been down across the south, but still a little bit of a flip-flop happening. 30 degrees with frost on the windshield this morning in atlanta, 38 degrees in new york city, 41 degrees in boston. that's still a lot colder than it was yesterday, and we'll be warming up as we go on through the next couple days, but the big story's going to be the winds out west. we've seen tremendous amounts of winds across southern california, power out, flights diverted at l.a.x. talk more about that in a second. if you are traveling today, that's going to be an issue. again, traveling to l.a. or san francisco, also some wind, new york metros, boston and denver. winds some spots are over 100 miles an hour, strongest santa ana winds in years. more in about 15. >> thank you, rob. >
FOX News
Dec 3, 2011 8:30am PST
are competing on the same line. new york to atlanta. those costs will be controlled by the competition. >> wayne, wayne, wayne. you make this point all of the time. this is where it doesn't exist. the government plays an intregal role in regulating everything of how airlines are run. it can't. maybe you weren't listening, i said that before. i said that before. i am saying that is right, you can't, you are o have a "free market." you can't have the government interfering. >> wayne you advocate the antitrust department that provepts companies from buying. >> you are wrong. creating monopoly. that is what is wrong. big government and big labor and big corpation controlling costs. >> david, what do you think happens to american and amr. the bankruptcy filing is done and happening. are we having concession from the pilots now in >> i think you are to have cost reductions and along the operational lines and employees and the unions. but to make a point to what was earlier said on competition. i spoke to a senior vice-president of delta airlines to get retropect last night. he said the reason delta we
Dec 15, 2011 11:00pm PST
. wow! atlanta 41-14. this was matt ryan. 224 yards. atlanta's playoff hopes still alive. they are 4-10. warriors open the season christmas night against the clippers. it will be a lot of fun. they have one of the best players, chris paul. showed up in los angeles for the first time. i bet you somebody -- he is really good. this will be the warriors against chris paul on opening night and the legend on tim tebow spreading to juvenile delinquency. students suspended for tebowing in the hallway. here it is. this guy is in denver and spread to long island. they were suspended one day. >> i like the tebow. >> in long island. look out. keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
Dec 26, 2011 5:00am EST
of the holiday season. you are watching good morning maryland. a live look south at atlanta, georgia. >>> someone's year will get off to an extremely good start. the jackpot has a winner, $125 million ticket was sold at wesleys restaurant and cocktails in elkton. that comes out to about a little more than $50 million after taxes. >> we don't know if they know yet or knew and passed out because they were so excited and staring at the ceiling wondering what to do next. our offices aren't open until tuesday. >> the winning ticket is is second ticket bought in maryland since the game began in january of 2010. the winner has yet to . they are going to be a great mood. i ask you, justin, you win $51 million,s that price after taxes, what do you do? >> i wouldn't tell you here, first. the one county i missed all weekend, buying tickets. good morning, starting off with a satellite radar composite as we are checking out the cloud that rolled in. we got variable cloudy skies, a push of colder air, streamers of sprinkles and flurries out of pa a, may clip northeast maryland including cecil county. you may w
Dec 9, 2011 5:00am EST
of iis 125th birthday carried theettp-secret recipe into its new home - a vault inside atlanta's orldd f coca cola. the vault wiil now be on public display... but you still won't be ableeto see the actual recipe for coke. "today we are actually celebrating your love of ourr atlanta bank had secured tte &pfor business brief, i'' edggr cnn.script----- cooing up... -3 a new twist... in the sexual state coach, jerry sandusky.nn the áotherá perron that could faceecharges... in the sex - pthe liberal establishment maintains that it is not current taxation which finances the government defiiit spending but debt. thus it ii not crowdinggout privatt spending. however, governmeet debt crowds out &pprivate borrowing and investment. libbral economists argue ttat government borrowing is not crowding out private investment becauue the baans havv plenty of money to leed to the private sectorr unfortunately, in an attempt to protect depositors and the gooernment guarantee of ssch deposits, the bank rrgulators have innreaseddthe credit underwriting standdrds on te not lending to struggling busin
Dec 16, 2011 6:00pm EST
lost the appeal today. along with the suspension, he loses a check worth $73,000. atlanta was rolling from the word go. 7-0 lead for the falcons. the running game was impressive. he takes the flying wedge on the play. he made it 16 yards. the jags are not impressing their new owner. atlanta is in prime position for a wild card in the playoffs. when something has not worked and clearly that applies in spades to the orioles, change arrives. the new vp of operations change the structure for the scouting system. he wants to rely more heavily on stats and video for studying opponents. barry bonds largest rate today. he has taken years probation and community service. his major league baseball's most polarizing figure arguably. we will check on the forecast after this. >> here is a look at what we're looking on for tonight. another school system says it has fallen prey to the man promising ravens appearances for money. we can see the new legislative map of maryland as early as tonight. it could impact the environment of the state. those stories >> cold temperatures on saturday and sunday. s
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